Layout & Computer equipment

Whether you are looking to restructure, reconfigure or redesign the layout of your current office, Afrique Interconnexion will accompany you during the layout of your premises. A professional layout of your premises from A to Z on a turnkey basis is carried out by technicians and Site Managers, benefiting from a very solid experience, in order to guarantee the relevance of the choices and the operability of your future premises.

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Desks, Partitions or Storage, we offer a full range of affordable, modular furniture in a variety of styles and price ranges that will make your office upgrade a success.

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As an expert in the design and implementation of customized security systems, Afrique Interconnexion offers a range of solutions that work in tandem with your organization's security practices to help you protect your people, assets and property.

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IT Equipment

Afrique Interconnexion is a one-stop shop for all your hardware and software needs, from servers to switches to cabling. The range of products we offer is very wide.