About Us
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Who we are ?

Afrique interconnexion is an international software development company. As a custom application development company, Afrique Interconnexion combines technological and business expertise to deliver quality solutions. We provide comprehensive services including mobile application development, web-based applications, enterprise software solutions, and software application support and maintenance.

Our expertise

We develop a wide range of products and services such as integrated management solutions (ERP, CRM...) while investing in research and development (R&D) of new technologies in the fields of telecommunication, customer relationship, and marketing.

Our infrastructure

Having its own infrastructure connected to the historical operators, with Failover and Load balancing functionalities, we guarantee to our customers a permanence of service of 99,7% (International Network Uptime) while guaranteeing an optimal security.

Why choose Afrique Interconnexion?


Complete management

Afrique interconnexion's services are backed by world-class infrastructure and technical expertise. We are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced capabilities while helping them free up their resources to focus on critical strategic issues.



Our cloud-based systems allow our customers to avoid the fatal cost of downtime. Whether it's due to natural disaster or human error, we ensure the reliability, resiliency and redundancy your business needs.

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We immerse ourselves in the world of technology to bring the latest innovations in unified communications. From custom cloud-based solutions designed to improve productivity, there's always something new to look forward to from Afrique Interconnexion.

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Security & reliability

Afrique Interconnexion manages threats such as record hijacking, message forgery, proxy spoofing and denial of service attacks with innovative tools and proactive monitoring.

Our partners

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IBM cloudRSA securityNSX-T vmwareCiscoOracleMitelVonage businessHuaweiTellza communicationsMcAfee